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Earn £30 towards playing and training kit for your club.

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    Terms and Conditions for individuals taking part in a Kit 4 clubs vehicle valuation and test drive

    1. These terms and conditions are applicable across the entire Kit 4 Clubs scheme. Participation shall be deemed as acceptance.
    2. All participants of the scheme must be associated to a registered England Rugby club that qualifies for Kit 4 Clubs and has already registered into the scheme.
    3. In order to qualify for an award of £30 (including incremental amounts thereof) towards [rugby kit] (the ‘Award’) participants must register their interest for a vehicle valuation and test drive (the ‘Appointment’) through the unique URL provided to their club or through the appointment form above.
      • a. The Mitsubishi Motors dealership assigned to the participating club will make contact with each participant to arrange an Appointment.
      • b. Failure to keep an appointment may result in forfeiture of an Award.
      • c. The test drive must be for the Mitsubishi vehicle selected when registering for the Appointment. Any deviation from this will be entirely at the Mitsubishi Motors dealer’s discretion.
      • d. Only one appointment can be made per participant.
    4. An Award will be qualified by the Mitsubishi Motors dealer and their decision shall be considered final.
    5. There is no maximum Award that can be earned by a club during the Kit 4 Clubs scheme.
    6. There is no obligation on the Promotor to make an Award outside of the qualifying criteria.
    7. The dealership assigned to each club is fixed and cannot be changed, except under the following circumstances:
      • a. The dealership assigned to the club terminates from the Mitsubishi Motors network and is therefore no longer part of the Kit 4 Clubs scheme, or;
      • b. A new dealership joins the Mitsubishi Motors network and the club’s location falls within the area of the new dealership
    8. The promoter of Kit 4 Clubs scheme is The Colt Car Company Ltd., Watermoor, Cirencester, GL7 1LF.

    Kit 4 Clubs FAQ

    How does my involvement help my club?

    By taking part in the Kit 4 Clubs scheme, you will be helping your club to purchase much needed playing and training Kit.

    How do I take part?

    All you need to do is fill in a request for an appointment with your assigned dealership through the link supplied to you by your club or using the appointment form above. Appointments consist of a vehicle valuation and test drive of a Mitsubishi vehicle of your choice. Your aligned dealership will then make contact to arrange an appointment. If you keep your appointment, which will consist of a vehicle valuation and test drive of a Mitsubishi vehicle of your choice, then your club will be awarded £30 towards their pot.

    Can I visit a different dealership to the one stated on my form?

    No. the dealership on the form is the dealership aligned to your club and cannot be changed.

    I am associated to more than one club. Can I book an appointment to count towards each club?

    You can request an appointment for each club you are associated to, provided you use the unique appointment link associated to each club. If the appointments take place at the same dealership, then it will be the dealer’s discretion for accepting more than one appointment from the same individual.

    What kit/equipment is available to purchase through the Kit 4 Clubs scheme?

    Please speak to your Kit 4 Clubs representative for a full list of kit/equipment available through the scheme.

    I’ve requested an appointment but no one has made contact to arrange an appointment – what should I do?

    We’re sorry to hear this. Please make contact with your aligned dealership to check they have received your appointment request. If they have not received your request, please submit another form and let the dealer know.

    Both myself and my partner would like to take a test drive but we share the same vehicle – what should we do?

    Please fill out an appointment form for each individual who would like to take a test drive. It will ultimately be the dealer’s discretion to accept two appointments and consequently two vehicle appraisals for the same vehicle.

    I don’t have a vehicle – can I still take part?

    Please contact your allocated dealership and ask them this before completing the appointment form. It will ultimately be the dealer’s discretion to accept an appointment where only a test drive will be taken.